About the author

About the author

Andrey Luzanov was born in Moscow in 1976.

In 1999 he graduated from the Moscow University (Master’s degree).

In 2001 defended his dissertation on «The geographical analysis of development of the banking sector in Russia» (Ph. D.).

Since 1999, constantly working at the Moscow University.

Since 1999, Junior Scientist of the Laboratory of regional analysis and political geography, since 2002 Scientist, since 2005 Senior Scientist of the Faculty of social and economic geography of foreign countries.

Andrey Luzanov is the author of several scientific publications: monographs, articles in journals («Bankovskoye delo» («The banking»); «Natsional’nyy bankovskiy zhurnal» («National Banking Journal») and others), as well as series of special maps in the atlases («Atlas Khanty-Mansiyskogo Avt. Okr. – Yugry» («Atlas of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region – Yugra»), vol. 1, 2006; «Natsional’nyy atlas Rossii» («The National Atlas of Russia») vol. 3, 2008; «Atlas sotsial’no-ekonomicheskogo razvitiya Rossii» («Atlas of the social and economic development of Russia»), 2009).

Since 2002, he does the special lecturing «Geography of finance with the principles of banking».

Research interests: the geography of finance, banking, regional studies, political geography, the United States, Russia.

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